i am ehtnically



different than you.

go on
Mark your territory!


barren earth is of two kinds,

there are two realms of people

various sorts of hunger

different reasons for thirst.

abundance of need-


brilliantly false

hopelessly true.


the opulent desiccation

still manages to teem with fountains

abuzz with visitors.


the other kind

refuses to echo.

but the portraits are sublime.

to this country
without shadows
without language,
bereft but full of siblings
poetic but beyond language
blasphemy with lots of religion
immaculate, ancient handwritings
an absurdly arrogant summer
beautiful, limited winters
leaves too busy to tell a story
trees too lazy to remember one
a sky which refuses to change colour
and precious rain,oh! so precious.

barren hills-
proud at night
innumerable people;
limited voices.

adieu, rajasthan.

doesnt the whole idea of photocopying degrees
offend the actual philosopher, however arrogant he may be?

don’t pretend that you want us to think for ourselves when we are supposed to mug up the national anthem when we; we are four.
patritiotism is vile. there is no point to it.
except if you love the army and gratify yourself over killing people.

be arrogant..because people around you are smug, most of the time.
have doubt, complain, write, provoke; be generous in argument.

definition of solitude
remains withheld.
there is nothing wrong with being miserable,
the one primal fear you have is of dying.
everybody is scared; and alone.
prescription drugs help you compose yourself.
there! you just let someone else scribble
all over you

you cannot be right all the time
you won’t be wrong always.

They say Capricorns reversely age. But do they really get more childlike as they age? I do not believe in horoscopes. That boat has sailed away a long time ago. But maybe the observation is just as true, if not less false.

The cause of the contemporary angst is the hair on the head. It is drawing more attention than it ought to. When I saw ‘drawing attention’, it is not of the passer-by but that of my own.

Now this new product, slightly expensive yet ‘organic’-ally superior, is making my hair shine like it’s shoe polish I have rubbed on my locks.  I find my fingers leisurely seeking its share of friction against the hair; the frequency of this action is disgusting. It gets uglier than it sounds because the hair is always tied up in a bun (rather frigidly according to my mother). And I am someone who has never had any interest in tending of the hair. After all it is a mere filamentous biomaterial, eh?

That isn’t all. When I am in the confinements of my private space, mirror time has turned into a not so self-effacing hair worship. I am mesmerized by the glare of its royal shine. At times I even pull at it, imagining how hard it would be for the boyfriend to yank at it now that it is so ‘silky’. I touch my hair more than I touch the fork, the spoon or the pen. I will seek help if it becomes more than the number of times I bang on the keyboard in a day.

Anyhow, I surmise these are the few things you don’t really tell your lover or anyone per se…. bu I wonder if this would be ‘cute’ or ‘vain’ though?


white bread and rice grains
scattered on grounds
of neighbors and manufactured enemies
are festive gifts to distract me with melodies
which ask as much for my logic
as they plunder for my silence.

where is my sponsored war this morning?
or the subsidised tea?
whose leaves seem twisted with guilt.



gullible children
flow like  landslide
across the fields-
the way their amorous parents dig fingers through muddy hair

and pray for rain at nights.

so, don’t tell them
which part of their land you own.


A world without garbage talk, depressed-over-competitive children, slow news, no news, more news, news 24X7, religious blood suckers, hard nosed sexists, wannabe minimalists, an invisible god, clothing censorship, no censorship, reality TV, too much TV, leaked sex tapes which would never be a big deal otherwise, golf courses, people feeling bad for themselves for not living in a neighborhood with health spas, rich and poor, conspiracy theories, bad blood, no blood in blood banks, hospital mismanagement, over priced pharmacy, expensive clothes, acceptable nudity, unacceptable cloth-less-ness, political correctness, a caste system, vote banks, silver spoons, god-men, ridiculously priced edifices in holy grounds, social statuses, facebook statuses, networking, high society, pet saloons, beauty pageants, page 3, airport paranoia, nighttime lavishness, daytime hangovers, glorified morning drinks, researches on aphrodisiacs, breast implants, nose-jobs, the need for cosmetic empowerment, and burn victims who cannot afford one, mines; and food parcels in their vicinity, nuclear weapons, weapons, war, rightists, leftists, cliques, private parties, confounding job designations, closet maintenance people-or whatever they’re called, pop-ups, expensive Internet, hunger, anorexia, no food, expensive books, designer pens, fast cars, broken highways, chic racing circuits, contrasts: NRs-USD, oil-control, territories, visas,  self immolation, absurd vacations, custom made thongs, smog-filled mornings, bigotry, anger, alpha males, overtly symbolic feminists who don’t let their  beautiful flowing hair grow, alopecia, gym-freaks, standardised tests, power cuts, wasted rivers, over used canals people parks fruits trees pavements, traffic jams, occupation of others’ lives, blockbuster cinema, thoughtless political slogans, foreign aid, reports and studies and special committees, dress codes,  propagandised education, blindfolds, designer blindfolds, blindfolds cut out of rags, acid soaked blindfolds, blindfolds that give you a 3-d experience, curriculum vitae, diarrhoea deaths, a fertilizer diet; pesticide dessert, rituals, terrorist attacks – government undertakings, old age homes, bereft and dying asylums full of living people, capital punishment, hit and run and bail and free, excellence, insomnia, first impressions, differences in equality, personal ads, relentless vigilance, distrusting co-commuter, road traffic accidents, industrial mishaps, amputations, illegal abortions, misinterpreted adolescent angst, underwhelmed fathers and restrained mothers, a job that slowly kills you, unemployment that will kill others around you, interruption, birthdays, fucking phone companies, deadlines, a list such as this.

she keeps adding hues,
and sentences- lazily handwritten
on barks of trees.

colours unsure of their panache
summon her on modest days;
and they create a rainbow.

at nights
sleeping on an elegant black sky
she becomes the moon.

the ants are tired
glasses empty
and my bought, cold air
reeks of dead leaves

a bird
has forgotten feathers,
stuck on my windows,
which seem to despair,
in arid loneliness

incomplete wings
vivid death
a story of courage-
this desert;

i have to-
run out of words.


if you think you are king of the world,

if you are having a swell fucking time,

if you are getting attention and feeling fly,

if you are feeling like a superman,



try licking your elbows.